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NEW LAUNCH - Rosemary + Mint

Introducing the latest fragrance to my collection, rosemary + mint. This new scent blend is fresh, aromatic and herby - a combination to help focus the mind and boost mood. Rosemary oil has a rich history of use dating back to Ancient Greece. Scholars believed that rosemary was a powerful aromatic that could improve cognitive function. They would wear rosemary crowns to aid thinking and encourage memory.

Studies have shown that rosemary oil improved the performance of exam students, improves memory and lowers cortisol levels in blood - essentially lowering stress hormones.

Mint brings a fresh and cleansing aroma that helps clear nasal passages, it has the added power to gives you an instant energy boost. Mint also encourages a sense of focus, enhancing our memory function and giving a feeling of mental clarity.

It's a great all round scent for the home too:

  • fresh and welcoming in a hallway

  • helps cut through cooking smells in the kitchen

  • keeps home work space fresh and energised

  • herby and aromatic for a long soak in the bath

The new fragrance is available now in my online store, choose from candle, diffuser or wax melts.

Thanks for reading, bye for now

Sharon x


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