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Why my candles are different

Transparency and integrity are fundamental to FERN+FELL’s business philosophy. In a world characterized by instant deliveries, disposable culture, and relentless consumerism, I've taken deliberate steps to create candles that minimise impact on our planet. Ingredients and materials are sourced from fellow UK businesses who share my commitment to quality and sustainability, mindful of the environmental impact each component may have.


Each candle is made in small carefully controlled batches 12 to uphold rigorous quality standards. My choice of coconut and rapeseed wax reflects my belief in its lesser environmental impact compared to soy wax, while opting for essential oils over fragrance oils reflects my dedication to purity and holistic well-being.


Candles are elegantly packaged with gold metal-lids and amber glass jars selected for their warm, inviting glow and practicality post-use. The optional gift box is made with recycled kraft paper in Yorkshire.
In our commitment to sustainability, labels use water-based, non-toxic ink. I prioritize the reuse of postal packaging wherever possible, recognising the significant impact even small changes can have over time. Continual learning and improvement drive my efforts, as I strive to adopt better practices with each step forward as my business grows.


I truly believe that any business, regardless of size, can effect positive change. Inspired by the natural beauty of my Cumbrian home, I'm dedicated to giving back and protecting the wildlife and habitats of the region.

For every full-priced candle, sold through my online store, £1 is donated to the Cumbrian Wildlife Trust, supporting their mission to safeguard wildlife and habitats for future generations. For customers who opt to  "hold the packaging" I donate an additional 50p for each full price candle sold.


In every aspect, FERN+FELL candles embody a commitment to quality, sustainability, and giving back to our cherished lakeland environment. Join us in making a difference, one candle at a time.

Sharon x

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