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Natural fragrance helps connect us to nature. 

Our sense of smell creates powerful connections, it can unlock long forgotten memories,

evoking moments and places in time.

I choose to work with pure essential oils for their holistic and aromatherapy benefits to our wellbeing,

creating fragrances to uplift or to sooth. Take a browse through my current scent collection.


This new blend is very personal to me. I created this candle fragrance for me, to help ease my menopausal anxiety symptoms. I've never experienced anything quite like these feelings before so I looked to nature and aromatherapy to help support me. Pause is the result.


This candle contains a special blend of essential oils which each have positive properties in helping relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. 100% pure essential oils of geranium, orange, basil, sage, bergamot and frankincense each.


This blend of basil + lime oils will give your senses a fresh and clean lift - enhances your mood and increasing alertness. Lime oil is known to promote general wellbeing and emotional balance, so great for lifting your mood and perking you up. Basil oils contains a compound known as linalool (also found in Lavender) that has been shown to reduce stress.  Inhaling the basil aroma is believed to transmit messages to the regions of the brain that controls emotions + the nervous system - promoting the healthy function of your heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure and aids breathing.


An exotic blend which transports you to the far east with fresh lemongrass and tropical Litsea Cubeba. Lemongrass is fresh + exotic known to calm the mind and relive tension combined with tropical Litsea Cubeba, with its spicy lemon citrus fragrance which helps reduce stress + anxiety while promoting relaxation, mental clarity and aid restful sleep.


A blend of fresh ripe bergamot and sweet citrus mandarin to uplift the senses. Bergamot is known to elevate your mood and alleviate stress while uplifting citrus notes in Mandarin aid circulation and promote a health immune system.

A great daytime candle or for evenings when you want a bit of a boost.


Orange + cedarwood, a balanced blend of bright orange and soothing cedarwood with a dash of sweet tangergine. Cedarwood is known to help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety as well as support the function of the pineal gland. Bright citrusy orange helps boost mood and energy levels, while sweet tangerine is known to help alleviate

stress and depression.


A natural woody and fresh combination of eucalyptus and bay. Eucalyptus helps clear the sinuses, aids breathing and is known to increase brain function while bay aids respiratory disorder and digestion. Great in the kitchen for cutting through cooking smells or the bathroom for a fresh clean aroma.


A blend of woody cedarwood + sweet geranium evoking relaxing days at the spa: clean air and woodland walks. Cedarwood is known to support the function of the pineal gland which releases melatonin to aid sleep. Combined with the benefits of stress and anxiety reducing geranium this is an ideal fragrance for relaxed evenings and

perfect for a long soak at the end of a busy day. 


A floral and oriental  blend of Ginger Lily + Ylang Ylang. Ginger Lily helps lift feelings of tension and irritability while Ylang Ylang is an all round mood booster helping to relieve feelings of stress bringing a sense of calm and relaxation.


This blend of warming woody rosewood + gentle floral geranium oils is a seductive, evocative fragrance to help sooth stress, anxiety and fatigue. Rosewood oil contains a compound known as linalool (also found in Lavender and Basil) that has been shown to reduce stress.  Geranium is a balancing oil which both uplifts and calms and is considered to

help relieve anxiety and help balance mood.


A fresh + aromatic herby blend to help focus the mind and boost mood.

 Rosemary oil has a rich history of use dating back to Ancient Greece. Scholars would wear rosemary crowns to aid thinking and encourage memory.  Mint brings a fresh and cleansing aroma encouraging a sense of

focus and stimulates mood.



Inspired by my love of being amongst the tress and the woody fragrances of Whinlatter Forest in the Lake District.

A walk in the woods is my favourite way to connect to nature and one of the best activities you can do to help look after your mental + physical wellbeing.  Studies have shown just how effective spending time in woodlands can be on our health, resulting in reduced stress levels, improvements in short term memory, lowering blood pressure and supporting immunity. I've combined cedarwood, spruce, scots pine + eucalyptus essential oils to evoke the sensory experience of being in woodlands and forests to enjoy at home. 


Inspired by my favourite region of the Lake District National Park, the Northern Fells. This dramatic scenery inspires awe, it never fails to take my breath away. Bassenthwaite, Whinlatter Forest, Derwent, Ullswater, Skiddaw, Blencathra, High Pike and Carrock – Fells everywhere you look.
A fragrance inspired by my feelings of wellbeing experienced in this special area blending pine which reduces anxiety, Juniper to calm and ground with bergamot for that top of a fell fresh air moment.


Inspired by the Pines that dominate the coast at Silloth, wild sage which grows in the sand dunes, heath and cliffs and the little-known submerged forest at Mawbray Banks - believed to be a Pine forest, dating back 8000 years and is sometimes spotted if the low tide is right. A little splash of lime gives this fragrance blend a fresh ozone base note. 

Sea Pine helps promote stress relief, helping to calms and ground us, Sage is known to help mental cognition while Lime is known to help lift mood and reduce anxiety.


Inspired by my two of my favourite Lakes, Crummock and Wast Water. Weaving through Lanthwaite woods to the gentle lapping shoreline of Crummock Water to be greeted (and dwarfed ) by fells Mellbreak, Grasmoor and Rannerdale Knotts is one of my favourite views in the Lakes. In contrast, the vast expanse of Wast Water with its domineering screes with Great Gable, Yewbarrow and Scarfell in the distance never fails to stop you in your tracks.

A fragrance inspired by the feelings of wellbeing felt in these two breath taking locations. A blend of Juniper oil which is calming and grounding, bergamot to elevate mood and alleviate stress and bay which aids clear breathing.



An uplifting + energising blend to promote positive mood, memory + concentration. Rosemary oil has a rich history of use dating ack to Ancient Greece. Scholars would wear rosemary crowns to aid thinking and encourage memory. Lemon essential oil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, its believed to help improve concentration.
A great candle to have on your desk or in your work space.  Lemon oil is also very effective at neutralising airborne odours so great in the kitchen too.


Fresh, bright, invigorating and cleansing. Grapefruit offers an invigorating and engerising combination to evoke a sense of clarity, due to it's main chemical compound, Limonene which helps uplift mood.  Mint brings a fresh and cleansing aroma encouraging a sense of focus and stimulates mood.


The warming spices of a pumpkin pie, the perfect autumnal candle as the nights get darker and we retreat indoors. A blend of warming spices -cinnamon + nutmeg + clove which helps reduce stress and mental fatigue.
A slice of pumpkin pie in a candle.



The very essence of Christmas in a candle. A spiced orange holiday fragrance which will fill your home with the scent of the festive season. Oranges +tangerine are bright + citrusy which will helps clear the mind, blended with clove, cinnamon and nutmeg to help reduce stress and mental fatigue.


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