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I believe there is something very special about candlelight that feeds the soul. The soft illumination helps to calm + relax us and when mixed with an evocative fragrance it's a powerful combination for the senses that
creates a feeling of well-being. In a world which seems to get a little crazier every day, for me, a simple scented candle can really help cocoon me from everyday stresses and create a sanctuary of self-care.

I have over ten years of experience as a Chandler. In that time I've tried many combinations of waxes, fragrances and essential oils. FERN+FELL is an affordable luxury brand which brings you 100% natural handmade candles, reed diffusers & wax melts.

Made fresh to order using a secret blend of rapeseed + coconut wax ,100% pure essential oils and a plant based diffuser oil.

My natural home fragrance range was inspired by a big life change, seeking to reap the benefits of a more holistic lifestyle for my own health and a move to the Lake District.

My rapeseed + coconut wax is blended in Europe and contains:

no paraffin

no parabens

no soy

no palm oil

no beeswax

no synthetic additives

no dyes

My aromatherapy range is plant based, cruelty free and vegan.

All products are handmade and hand-poured by me, in the Lake District, UK.


When you shop with me online your product is made fresh to order.

When you buy from me at an event or via a stockist my products have been made in small batches of 4-6 to ensure an excellent hot (and cold) scent throw and long burn time for candles.

I'm a small business - it's me who takes your order, who makes your candle, who packages it up and sends

it out to you with love to enjoy.

At every stage of making I endeavour to find the most environmentally friendly solution. My gift boxes are made from brown kraft paper with no bleaching, I print all my own labels using water based non toxic inks and use natural ingredients in our wax & fragrance blends.

I donate money from every full price candle/reed diffuser/wax melt gift set sold through my online store to the  Cumbrian Wildlife Trust who protect wildlife + habitats across Cumbria and whom

create a wildlife haven for visitors and future generations to enjoy.

So if you seek the natural and the pure, come explore my range of fragrances.

I'm sure there is one to suit every taste.

Sharon x

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