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My 2nd Birthday

It’s my birthday, today marks two years since I pressed go on my little business. I am so grateful for the opportunities that have come to me over the last two years, and for all the people I have met along the way. To still be here two years later and to have helped raise money for the Cumbria Wildlife Trust at the same time deserves a little celebration in my book – read on to find out all about my special birthday giveaway.

I have been making big plans for year 3, but my main focus is all about connection – more connection to Cumbria, developing more collaborative connections , and of course more connection to nature.

Cumbria Connection

The last twelve months I have made wonderful connections with independent businesses who share my ethos for natural, local, and sustainable products. I have forged special retail partnerships with unique (and iconic) Cumbrian businesses. I am so grateful for their support and their faith in me & my products. A huge THANK YOU to L’Enclume, Hesta Scene, White & Green, Wild Ivy, Heaton Cooper Studios, Armstrong Ward, and Wild Rabbit Interiors.

From mid-September I am delighted to announce that Arteria in Lancaster will be joining as my latest retail partner. Arteria is based in the heart of historic Lancaster and is well known for its emphasis on handpicked & handmade homewares, lifestyle gifts and artwork.

Connect + Collaborate

This year I took time to consider the sorts of collaborations that would really connect to what I do. I was looking for partnerships that would enhance the experience of my home fragrances and make the perfect gift set companions. I really wanted to work with fellow small businesses, female founders and really champion the best small businesses in Cumbria and the North.

So, I am delighted to have teamed up with two talented female founders, both northern businesses that share my values. These are serendipitous collaborations and I think you will love them too.

Match made in candle heaven

First comes the collaboration I announced recently with Cumbrian ceramic artist Catriona Archibald. Catriona has created a handmade a ceramic match striker pot for FERN+FELL to pair with one of my candles.

I have been a huge fan of Catriona’s work since I moved to Cumbria when we met working at Hesta Scene. This is a special project for me, such a thrill to be collaborating with an artist I admire so much.

The off-white pot features a brown gloss glaze “splatter” pattern, complete with dark tipped long matches. Designed to complement the amber glass candle jars, it is the perfect gift set for any candle lover.

The first run will be limited numbers as Catriona is finishing her MA studies, this gift set is available to order now for shipping from mid-September.

Slow down and breathe deep

So many of my customers tell me that the way they unwind and relax is by taking a long soak in the bath - door locked, candles lit, music on with a book or magazine (a glass of their favourite tipple too). It’s often their only way to take a breather from hectic schedule or family life. They see a long soak as a luxury time for themselves to unwind and restore balance, as do I.

Last Christmas I received a Sammy Annes Bath Dust, and I instantly loved it. In fact, it was Catriona (match striker maker) who kindly gifted it to me – see what I mean about serendipity. I am very fussy about what products I add to my bath, so I was thrilled to discover this 100% natural + vegan product. Handmade with organic essential oils, this bath dust left my skin feeling soft for days. Bingo! - I found the perfect companion for my candles.

Sammy Annes is an award-winning sanctuary based in Whitley Bay. They offer holistic therapies + sports treatments including massage, reflexology, reiki, and body scrubs. To compliment these treatments Sammy Annes has developed their own range of all natural, vegan products. Bath Dust is a cross between bath salts & bath milk, meaning you get the benefits of both to ensure your skin is left feeling nourished after each bath.

My new FEEL gift set combines a bath dust with a candle – the fragrance has been paired to the holistic benefits of the bath dust (but you can change the fragrance to suit should you so wish). Presented in a brown Kraft gift box you can choose from:

Feel Uplifted Bath Dust ( grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, rosemary, sweet orange) paired with FERN+FELL bergamot + mandarin candle

Feel Recovered Bath Dust ( lemongrass, lemon, ginger, juniper, black pepper) paired with FERN+FELL lemongrass + litsea candle

Feel Sleepy  Bath Dust (lavender, bergamot, frankincense, palmarosa) paired with FERN+FELL cedarwood + geranium candle

Available now in my online store

Connect to Nature

When I started FERN+FELL I wanted to be able to give something back to the new community I moved into. From the beginning I knew I wanted to support those who stand up for nature and wildlife as this is something especially important to me.

I could think of no better charity partnership for my business than the Cumbria Wildlife Trust, a dedicated team whose work ensures that the regions wildlife and natural habitats are protected for future generations to enjoy. For every full price candle, diffuser, wax melt, or gift set purchased from my online store, £1 is donated to the Trust.

I am delighted to announce that together you have helped me raise £791 for the Cumbria Wildlife Trust, money which will go a long way to help with local projects.

Birthday Giveaway

I really wanted to do a big birthday giveaway for my subscribers, to say thank you to everyone who has supported my journey so far. I wouldn’t be here without your support and encouragement so I've decided to bundle up all of my products + the new match striker + bath dust and one lucky winner will receive it all in one bumper prize (worth £84). Keep it for yourself, share it out or have a head start on your festive shopping.

If you are a subscriber you don't have to do anything at all to enter. If you aren't a subscriber yet then sign up quick - you will find the sign up to my Studio Notes on the bottom of the website homepage. On 8th September I will choose one name at random from my Studio Notes email list and they will win:


1 x Candle

1 X Reed Diffuser Gift Set

1 x Match Striker

1 x Bath Dust

1 Wax Melts Gift Set

Please feel free to tell your friends and share the giveaway. The winner will be emailed on September 9th.

Thanks a million for all your support and encouragement so far, stick around for year 3 I have a feeling its going to be interesting.

Much love

Sharon x


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