lemongrass + litsea candle

lemongrass + litsea candle


An exotic blend which transports you to the far east with fresh lemongrass and tropical litsea cubeba. Lemongrass is fresh + exotic known to calm the mind and relive tension combined with tropical litsea cubeba, with its spicy lemon citrus fragrance which helps reduce stress + anxiety while promoting relaxation, mental clarity and aid restful sleep.


Citrus | Exotic | Spice


Total Weight

Large 745g (Wax approx 270g)

Burntime: 40+ hours


Small 300g ( Wax approx 150g)

Burntime: 20 + hours

Small candles come unboxed + silver metal lid



£2 from the sale of every full price large candle (£1 from small candles) purchased through the online store will be donated to the Cumbrian Wildlife Trust to help support their work protecting wildlife + preserving habitats in the Cumbrian region for future generations to enjoy.


Shipping from £3.95 - price based on weight