cedarwood + geranium candle

cedarwood + geranium candle


A blend of woody cedarwood + sweet geranium evoking relaxing days at the spa: clean air and woodland walks. Cedarwood is known to support the function of the pineal gland which releases melatonin to aid sleep. Combined with the benefits of stress and anxiety reducing geranium this is an ideal fragrance for relaxed evenings and perfect for a long soak at the end of a busy day.


Woody | Fresh


Total Weight

Large 745g (Wax approx 270g)

Burntime: 40+ hours


Small 300g ( Wax approx 150g)

Burntime: 20+ hours

Small candle comes unboxed + silver metal lid



£2 from the sale of every full price large candle (£1 from small candles) purchased through the online store will be donated the Cumbrian Wildlife Trust to help support their work protecting wildlife + preserving habitats in the Cumbrian region for future generations to enjoy.


Shipping from £3.95 - price based on weight