basil + lime candle

basil + lime candle


This blend of basil + lime oils will give your senses a fresh and clean lift - enhances your mood and increasing alertness.


Lime oil is known to promote general wellbeing and emotional balance, so great for lifting your mood and perking you up.


Basil oils contains a compound known as linalool (also found in Lavender) that has been shown to reduce stress.  Inhaling the basil aroma is believed to transmit messages to the regions of the brain that controls emotions + the nervous system - promoting the healthy function of your heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure and aids breathing.


Fresh | Citrus


Total Weight

Large:745g (Wax approx 270g)

Burntime: 40+ hours


Small: 300g ( wax approx 150g)

Burntime: 20+ hours

Small candle comes unboxed + silver metal lid



£2 from the sale of every full price large candle ( £1 from every small candle)  purchased through the online store will be donated to the Cumbrian Wildlife Trust to help support their work protecting wildlife + preserving habitats in the Cumbrian region for future generations to enjoy.


Shipping from £3.95 - price based on weight