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Private Label Fragrance Creation

Imagine if your business was reimagined as a 100% natural fragrance, what a powerful way to engage with and stay connected to your customers or clients.

Is there anything more evocative than a delicious scent? Our sense of smell is so powerful it can transport us in an instant to a beloved location or evoke a treasured memory. I can create a bespoke fragrance just for you, one which you can use within your business and can sell directly to your customers or clients. A bespoke fragrance designed to compliment your brand.

Using natural fragrances to create a sensory experience of your brand, is a powerful way to connect and stay connected with your clients. Perfect for luxury accommodation providers, hotels, restaurants, spas and homeware brands, fragrance helps create a unique customer experience that lasts. I take care of everything from production & packaging, testing, safety labelling compliance and also offer a label design service.

For more details and to discuss your future fragrance please drop me an email at

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